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Costs to carry out minor or major carpentry work in Delhi - Furniture Repair, Furniture Manufacturing, Kitchen Renovation

While renovating my house we noticed that the most expensive part of the renovation is Wooden Work, whether it is repair work or new wooden work. Today, when we look at the price of the wood in Delhi, it is quite high. Price of wood is one thing, but turning that wood into beautifully looking furniture, windows, doors, cupboards etc. is another, yes I am talking about the carpentry work.

When we talk about carpentry work we need to take various things into consideration, the cost of raw material, cost charged by carpenters, and number of days to finish the work. Keeping in mind that cost of raw material may vary according to your taste and preferences, the other cost that matters the most is cost charged by carpenters. I am talking about a service GetFiXR that is designed keeping this thing in mind. When you search for carpenters with GetFixr you will be presented with a list of carpenters based on your location. You can further sort that list according to price range based on your preferences.

Here is a quick link to list of carpenters in Delhi

Cost for carrying out minor carpentry work

Minor carpentry work in you furniture is not going to cost you much, if in the right hands. If you have any sort of small wooden repair work in your home like furniture repair, window repair  sofa repair. So, your next step would be to search for the right man for the job and by right man I mean a skilled tradesmen who will complete the job in right time and right amount.

If you looking for Carpenters in your area for minor repairs and your location is Rajpath Area of Delhi GetFiXR you will be presented with the list of carpenters who are around you. Now for carrying out small repair works you will probably need carpenters who are skilled and charge less. With GetFiXR you can sort list on the basis of per cost charged bu these carpenters, lets say you are looking for a carpenters within price range (100-600) or (600-1100) what ever suits you. You can search for different price ranges with GetFiXR. Here's a screen shot that explains GetFiXR's price range option.

Now Lets say If your location is Noida, obviously you will not look for carpenters in Rajpath Area of Delhi. Now to searching for carpenters in your area you can use GetFiXR's location search option, either you can type in your location manually or you go automatic selection of your location. And then based on you location you will be further presented with tradesmen in Noida. You can take a look at the image that explains "How to search for particular location"


Cost for carrying out major carpentry work

Major carpentry work will cost to more comparatively to small repairs. Major carpentry work can include like furniture manufacturing, kitchen cupboards and more. GetFiXR will again provide you with list of skilled carpenters in your area that specializes in furniture manufacturing, kitchen cupboards, modular kitchens, home improvement, wooden cabinet and more. These tasks would probably take more days to complete, so possibilities are their charges may vary. Here, you do a tag based search simply put tag Kitchen Remodeling in the search option and hit enter, you will again presented with carpenters who specialize in this field.

Here is a sorted list of carpenters who specialize in Kitchen Remodelling 

Lastly I would like to say whether a major or minor carpentry work, it will not cost you more if done through right hands. And In my opinion GetFiXR will provide you with that right hand.

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